Marine grade wiper blades

We carry the finest stainless steel wiper blades that are powder coated in black.  These fit most Exalto wiper systems and many Doga systems as well.   We have sizes ranging from 14″ (350mm) to 51″ (1300mm).   Our other sizes are 16″ (400mm), 18″ (450mm), 20″ (500mm) 22″ (550mm) 24″ (600mm) 26″ (650mm) 28″ (700mm) 30″ (750mm) 32″ (800mm) 36″ (900mm) 39″ (1000mm) and 47″ (1200mm).  These are bolt thru type wiper blades.  Blades under 32″ have a 1/2″ or 12mm width at the center.  Blades are 32″ and above have a 3/4″ or 20mm width at the center.