Window Wiper Technologies manufactures most Hepworth Marine products.

We provide windshield wiper systems for the marine, rail, and commercial industry, with over seventy years of experience specializing in the design and manufacture of high performance window wiper systems.  With the need for good clear visibility an essential safety consideration, you can rely upon our expertise to design and manufacture wiper systems to meet your specific requirements.

Manufactured In America

With strict standards to our parent company’s designs, B. Hepworth and Co., Ltd. in the United Kingdom, many of the components are made and assembled in our facility in Connecticut. If you don’t have a Hepworth or Window Wiper Technologies system on board, we still may be able to help.  We also carry many replacement parts and wiper blades for Exalto wipers as well as some Doga systems.

monitor marineWe are now pleased to offer the finest in marine deckware!

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